A contract with a psychosocial support specialist in Turkey

A contract with a psychosocial support specialist in Turkey

A contract with a psychosocial support specialist in Turkey

Background on the I Am She Network

I Am She Network’s peace circles founded in March 2015, I Am She Network works to enhance the participation of Syrian women, reject discrimination and violence, and promote the pursuit of a just and comprehensive peace.

The members of I Am She Network are Syrians who make up the national fabric with all its affiliations and stripes, and it is independent of any partisan or political framework.

I Am She Network works to support peace, social justice and the rejection of discrimination by strengthening the role of women and achieving active participation at all levels (political, economic, social, and cultural) by mobilizing society in order to consolidate the values ​​of freedom, equality, participation and transparency.

I Am She Network’s approach is to achieve its vision of the effectiveness of the women role based on a set of goals linked and complementary to each other. Women cannot participate strongly and effectively without eliminating violence against them and securing equal opportunities and empowerment in all fields, and this cannot be achieved without women having a leadership role at the decision-making level on nationally and locally level.

Qualifications / Experience / Required Skills:

At least 4 years of experience working in psychosocial support

At least 3 years of experience working with women during conflicts and disasters

Experience in gender sensitivity

University degree in a relevant field of study (such as Bachelor of Psychological Counseling / Psychology or any other relevant field of study)

The duties / responsibilities required of the contractor

Conducting psychosocial support sessions with peace circles in Turkey with the aim of psychological support for members of I Am She network.

Building psychological and social support based on the beneficiaries’ strengths and the real supportive elements in their lives

Ensure the confidentiality of the beneficiaries’ information documented in the evaluation forms and electronic printed and electronic copies

Working on training a group of women in peace circles on how to provide psychosocial support to women during disasters through TOT training

Contribute to planning a psychosocial support campaign for women.

Duration of the contract

The first contract period will be from 26 July 2020 until September, provided that the contractor resides exclusively in Turkey

How to apply: