About us

On March 8th, 2015, various Syrian women and men gathered with the same vision towards enhancing the role of women in Syria. Therefore, it was necessary to launch the “I AM SHE Network” in order to work together to enhance the participation of Syrian women, reject discrimination and violence, and promote the pursuit of a just and comprehensive peace.

The members of the I AM SHE Network are Syrian women who form the national fabric with all its affiliations and stripes, and it is independent of any partisan or political framework.

I AM SHE Network is working to support peace and social justice and the rejection of discrimination by strengthening the role of women and achieving effective participation at all levels (political, economic, social, and cultural) through and mobilizing society in order to consolidate the values ​​of freedom, equality, participation, and transparency.

Our Values:

Freedom – Justice – Equality – Transparency.

The Founding Story of the I AM SHE Network:

The Center for Civil Society and Democracy (CCSD) worked in order to contribute to building a strong and cohesive civil society by supporting organizations and individuals to create a cohesive community structure. The center believes that “women’s active participation in a change in all aspects of life”, as it constitutes one of the main pillars in which civil society is supported and strengthened and democracy is consolidated, and through its program “Women for the Future of Syria”, work has been done to support Syrian women by pushing to form Women’s circles in Syria and their support to be able to influence from the local community within the foundations of justice, freedom, and democracy. These circles established the nucleus of the I Am She Network, which was launched on 8 March 2015.

The various peace circles from all walks of life and bearing the same vision have come together to launch the “I Am She Network” and work together to enhance the participation of Syrian women.

The permanent and ongoing partnership between the CCSD and I AM SHE Network is the cornerstone.

The theory of change in the I AM SHE Network:

I Am She Network believes that there will be no investigation of justice without the active participation of women, and this can only be done by supporting women to take their true role in building society and removing the obstacles that hinder their progress.