Our approach to achieving our vision of the effectiveness of the role of women stems from a set of goals linked and complementary to each other, therefore women cannot participate actively and effectively without eliminating violence against them and securing equal opportunities and empowerment in all areas, and this can only be achieved if women have leadership roles in decision-making at a national and local level.

Supporting women's participation in leadership in the political realm and their participation in decision-making.

We work hard to eliminate all forms of discrimination based on gender.

End all forms of violence against women

The struggle to abolish all discriminatory laws against women.

Empowering women and enhancing their capabilities

Striving for equal opportunities at the social and economic level.


I Am She Network relies most of its work on volunteer workgroups, and it is called the “Peace Circle”, and it is active in the local geographical area while providing support to the rest of the circles that work together with other network members on national issues from the perspective of Syrian women.


Big changes cannot be made without a deep knowledge of the things we seek to change socially, politically, and economically.


Through empowerment, we strive for women to have the appropriate tools to participate in the change they aspire to.


Through networking among women, we are working to create positive interaction to advocate for women's issues and rights at the local and national levels.


I AM SHE Network works through its circles in all Syrian societies wherever it is found, and the rings spread in most of the Syrian governorates and the countries of Syrian asylum. The network currently works in 25 Syrian communities and neighboring countries through its circles and in the rest of the countries of asylum through its members.