Be a member of I Am She and participate with us in the struggle for social equality and the promotion of human rights.

Membership Benefits:
  • I Am She members have opportunities to actively participate in the activities included in the I Am She Network, which is related to human rights and women’s rights in particular.
  • Syrian individuals are eligible to become full members after three years, which includes the right to vote in the I Am She Network General Assembly.
  • I Am She’s members receive the latest news, upcoming events, articles, and news related to I Am She’s work.
  • I Am She Network members will contribute to shaping the future of the network through the participant with his ideas and your point of view.
  • Network members will have access to opportunities to raise skills and knowledge in theory and practice.
  • The Network provides a platform for the issues that the network members and members face in their local communities. Building relationships and accessing everything related to individual and collective community remnants.

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